The Retiree Representative - FAQs

MPRA requires the Trustees to select an independent retiree representative to advocate on behalf of retirees, beneficiaries and deferred vested participants during the development and submission of the PPP.  In February, the Trustees appointed Tom Baum as the Retiree Representative.  Mr. Baum is a retiree from Teamsters Local Union No. 294 in Albany.   He worked for United Parcel Service (“UPS”) and Local 294 for over 35 years before he retired in 1999.  He has always been an advocate for his fellow members and retirees.  

Mr. Baum has been participating in an advisory role during the Trustees’ development of the PPP.   Under MPRA, the Retiree Representative has the right to hire independent legal counsel and actuaries, and the Fund is legally required to pay their fees.  Mr. Baum has done so, and his law firm and actuarial firm have provided him with independent advice and assistance. In this capacity they have attended numerous meetings, provided suggestions on the actuarial information being used and have been fully engaged throughout the process. Mr. Baum is not paid for being the Retiree Representative.

Mr. Baum established a website to share his communications to retirees and additional information about the PPP. Retirees may visit Mr. Baum’s website at

Retirees who want to share comments or concerns with Mr. Baum can email him at:, or call him at: 1-888-784-7672.